Absolutiva is off for planned maintenance – will it be back?

My latest and greatest gold mine Absolutiva is on planned maintenance. Many people are worried if it will be back. However, there is not much information to consider and so far Absolutiva was keeping its promises.
I got a reminder from Absolutiva in my yesterday’s email:

We would like to inform you that we will be holding a scheduled maintenance on the 5th of September in order to add Payoneer debit card processing. I remind you that debit cards will be available for purchase ONLY through Payoneer websites. We will not charge you anything. You will only be asked to pay anything related to shipping and that money will go to Payoneer. You will be also asked to provide a photo id as part of their policy.

I was able to login into my Absolutiva account 09/05/12 in the morning and ordered a withdrawal of my accumulated profit. As usual, this request was processed fast and within 2 hours money were transferred. Later on this day the site went down.
This downtime was announced a couple of days ago, maybe a week or so. So far, this maintenance seems to continue for almost 24 hours and the site is not accessible. Some HYIP monitoring sites started to scream about this, expecting bad news.
I believe that it is too early for any conclusions. Anyway, there is not much that you or I can do. We will see what will happen.

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  1. Eugene says:

    Absolutiva is dead. They screwed us. Well, it was fast.

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