Simple money management strategy for Absolutiva investments, lower the risk and control your greediness.

I’m not going to review all investment options, offered by Absolutiva. Just want to share some thoughts about less risky strategy, while working with Absolutiva’s programs.

You have to decide, how much money you can invest in the program. Minimum amount is $10 and many people are using minimum amount to check that the program is working. This testing is more or less pointless. You may search HYIP forums and find-out a lot of monitoring activity. This means that you don’t have to do this testing on your own. Don’t waste your time. If the program is working now and paying now – people already investigated this. The keyword is NOW. You will never know when the problems may occur. With HYIP investments problems will probably occur, earlier or later. So, to minimize risk, it makes sense to make online research and start investing right away. In case that the program has good reputation among users.

So far, Absolutiva has good reputation on HYIP forums. I have not heard about any single case of not being paid or delayed payments. The fact that Absolutiva is using PayPal as a payment processor speaks for itself. Any problems with payments reported by users will trigger PayPal investigation and may cause Absolutiva’s account freeze.

So, if you decided to give them a chance and try Absolutiva, you have to decide how much to invest and in what plan.  Some sort of threshold is $500 investment. It offer’s higher rate and is not very big amount of money in case you will lose it. Remember, this is a HYIP. Meaning – high risk investment. Does not matter how good reviews are. Does not matter what are project manager intentions. You may lose your money.

In these conditions you may consider a good balance of risk and profit.

Plans summary is displayed on the following picture.

Absolutiva Plans Comparison

You may also use their calculator, located at the top right corner of their website.

From the first point of view, the most attractive is silver version of their Capital Market Fund (CMF).

But it seems to be so from maximum return point of view in 2 cases:

  1. If you reinvest 75% or 100%.
  2. If they be OK for the next 120 days.

If you reinvest less or if something will happen within next 4 months-this plan is not that attractive.

However, look at Growth Market Fund (GMF) plan. It offer’s 3% daily for $500 deposit. For 90 days. Well, deposit is not returned. But payments are received daily and 3% rate is very good. After one month of operation, you will get your vested amount back. Everything after is your profit. By doing this, you minimizing the time frame, when you can lose your money.  And in good conditions your return is decent.

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